Darren Cooper,
Managing Director, 
Cooper Callas Ltd. UK


″ We decided to source product from China to achieve a substantial cost saving over the European manufactured brands that we have been involved with for many years. Typically we have seen 40 to 50% savings on similar styles of product that we have been buying from European sources. For us the need to build our own label range was essential as were the two main reasons for doing it, firstly to increase our operation margin substantially and secondly to offer our customers an industy leading retail margin opportunity, working with DANSN has enabled us to achieve both these goals.


My dealings with Stephen Gu have always been very meticulously carried out and as a result we have built a very strong business relationship which is both beneficial from a business sense and also rewarding personally. His Operations Director David Hou is a real asset to DANSN and is also a pleasure to deal with. I wish you every success in your dealings with DANSN I am sure you will find them commercially very beneficial. ″




Pratip Datta,
Dheeraj & East Coast LLC, UAE


″ Through working with DANSN within past few years, we have achieved outstanding cost saving with better quality products supply than local purchase. DANSN team’s knowledge on various products always offers us many options with different cost range within our budget. They have also done excellent job on delivering products and after-sales service on time. They worked closely with our contractors and subcontractors for coordination of onsite installation. On occasion, when there is a problem with a product or its delivery, DANSN can always provide quick and reliable response and resolve the problems in time.


DANSN’s strength on procurement of project materials has changed DEC’s procurement to strategy to be continually relying on DANSN’s turn-key procurement solution for all ongoing and future jobs. ″





Sunil Dath,
Head – Procurement, 
Gammon & Billimoria LLC, UAE


″ For demonstrating very high level of technical expertise and organizational skills in implementing the turn-key project, DANSN has helped we completed a remarkable project within allocated budget.


We really appreciate the extra effort, flexibility and dedication DANSN has offered. They have accomplished the task within approved time, quality and quantities, which has been accepted and in full compliance with our technical specifications and requirements. All the hard work has really paid off on the project. The expert service DANSN have provided enables us to save costs on budget and deliver the optimal outcome in accordance to all our expectations.″




VP – Purchase, 
Supertech Limited, India


″ It is with delight and honor that we write this testimonial about our project cooperation with DANSN International Limited. 


DANSN is a company that cares passionately about always providing the best solutions for clients as a result of their consistent team work. One thing about working with DANSN that will stand out, it’s their expertise on managing building project across the globe for the last 10 years, guaranteeing the best outcome within reasonable budget.


With great attention to detail DANSN are careful to ensure every element lives up to the highest standards. From products selection to furniture installation, DANSN will go above and beyond to make sure all projects delivered the way customers expected. As we partner with DANSN, it is our objective to deliver an overall experience that will exceed what the client is expecting while staying true to the allocated budget.


As one of the biggest realtor in India, we don’t want to be associated with anything less than the best. That is why we always look forward to making Excellencies with DANSN!″




Professor Geeta Gandhi Kingdon,
City Montessori School


″ Choosing who would renovate our school was a difficult choice. We contacted several wood furniture suppliers in order to get the best offer. DANSN not only manufactured the furniture we needed for the school and office spaces but could also provide all the required materials for the renovation of our office spaces and guest house. This included lighting, artificial turf, floor tiles, curtains and more. They were among the only ones to be able to supply furniture for 30,000 students ranging from kindergarten to high-school within a short time frame. Before making my order my specialized team visited their factory in the south of China. Through this visit they understood how the price could be so competitive and the quality so high. The factory is modern, well taken care of and has a skilled workforce. Everything was delivered on time and so far the products are standing the test of time. I count on working with DANSN for our future projects as well.