DANSN Interior Fit-Out Products Manufacturing

Manufactured by DANSN

At DANSN, product quality is our foundation as well as our greatest strength. Our qualified technicians perform each step of the manufacturing process guaranteeing products are flawless. These skillful craftsmen ensure the products will be delivered to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.


DANSN has two manufacturing plants responsible for producing our major products including modular kitchen cabinets & wardrobes, hotel & residential furniture and wooden doors. The factories have over 200,000 square meters of total plant area and more than 800 skilled operators, engineers and designers. Each production site complies with local and international regulations and guidelines.


DANSN Furniture Factory

DANSN’s furniture factory currently has a plant area of 180,000 square meters and has over 700 employees. Through recent investments we have upgraded our equipment and technological standards with machines from Biesse in Italy and Homag in Germany. In order to produce furniture that meets international standards, we have successfully established a complete production and processing system from raw materials to molding and processing of hardware. We now offer over a thousand products for houses, apartments, offices and hotels

DANSN Door Factory

DANSN manufactures fire rated, water proof and normal wooden doors. 80 employees are working in our highly automated manufacturing base which occupies an area of 20,000 square meters. In 2016 we invested in fully automated production lines from Kasaka in Japan and Homag in Germany, raising our production capacity to 1000 sets per day, or 250,000 per year. We have developed technologies for each step of the manufacturing process guaranteeing products are flawless. On top of being water and fire proof, our doors have been tested to extreme conditions, acoustic levels and termites. By integrating global supply chain for raw materials, we provide clients with high quality products at an affordable price.