DANSN Furniture Factory


DANSN’s furniture factory currently has a plant area of 180,000 square meters and has over 700 employees. Through recent investments we have upgraded our equipment and technological standards with machines from Biesse in Italy and Homag in Germany. In order to produce furniture that meets international standards, we have successfully established a complete production and processing system from raw materials to molding and processing of hardware. We now offer over a thousand products for houses, apartments, offices and hotels.


Advanced equipment and skilled workers are the two corner stones of our production line. The recent investments to replace and upgrade our machines has allowed us to drastically increase our production capacity. These units from Biesse in Italy and Homag in Germany have not only contributed to increase our output but also our know-how, making our products more durable than ever. These long-term improvements in product quality contribute to higher environmental standards.


Although we have invested in new machines, we believe at DANSN that our greatest strength is our people. We treat experienced employees as the most valuable assets. A number of technicians and engineers have been working in our furniture factory for more than 15 years. They not only devote themselves in perfecting products but also help to train those less experienced into professionals like them. This knowledge transmission is the key

to our growth and success as a manufacturer.