DANSN stands for quality in the wooden interiors Fit-Out Product industry

Therefore, DANSN is constantly improving to find services that connect and add value to our clients.

DANSN Certifications

DANSN continuously updates its certification documentations to be relevant in the countries we work with. Our raw material suppliers are carefully selected in order to secure the right products and materials certifications for local requirements.


DANSN Eco Vision

Wood being the base of our products, we carefully select our suppliers and create durable solutions contributing to less waste. In addition to using renewable resources, we’ve standardized our processes to reduce carbon footprint and costs of transport.
DANSN does in-house research and development with our design and development department in materials and products to provide efficient and effective solutions. Satisfying our clients with sustainable solutions is part of our beliefs.
To fulfill this ambition, we fine-tune our processes and aim to cooperate with knowledge organisations in ECO designs and sustainability.


DANSN Quality Control

DANSN owns its own product sites and plants. We work from the raw material level up to the design, supply, and product integration for your property planning and building requirements. For all materials our internal Quality Assurance works on international certification processes while optimizing the price and quality.


Final Quality Control is guaranteed by third party members who thoroughly investigate and verify the products we ship answer the various norms and certificates your country requires

dansn_about_csr_licencecertification_icon Fast Liencee List 2016 Licence
dansn_about_csr_licencecertification_icon iso 9001 2008 Certificate Certification
dansn_about_csr_licencecertification_icon Q-Mark Certification Certification
dansn_about_csr_licencecertification_icon BM Trada Reglstration Certificate Certification
dansn_about_csr_licencecertification_icon Secured By Design Licence Licence